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                • 油烟净化器餐饮饭店都得安装吗?
                • 本站编辑:杭州东润科技【实业有限公司发布日期:2017-10-23 13:58 浏览次数:

                我们生活中不能没有快餐店和一下餐厅,但是现在的各地餐饮都会有一些影响。一些餐厅相继关门整顿。那为什么关门整ω顿呢?首先是一些地方的整体规划,再就是餐饮店的环保手续□ 和餐饮环保设施的安装及维护不到位。那很多的餐饮公司就想问哪里的油烟净化器能达标?油烟净化器的维护怎么维」护。

                We can't live without fast food restaurants and restaurants, but today's restaurants have some impact. Some restaurants have been closed. Why is the door closed? The first is the overall planning of some places, and then the environmental protection procedures of restaurants and the installation and maintenance of environmental protection facilities are not in place. A lot of food and beverage companies want to ask where the lampblack purifier can reach the standard? How to maintain the maintenance of lampblack purifier.


                Lampblack purifier standard, according to the environmental protection law and local requirements to choose lampblack purifier. General places will not specify the emission standards, as long as there is no smoke purifier environmental protection procedures.


                The maintenance of lampblack purifier is divided into two kinds: 1. pretreatment net cleaning:


                (1) cut off the power supply, open the overhaul door.


                (2) pull out the pretreatment net.


                (3) soak in the cleaning tank for ten minutes, clean the oil on the net lightly, and rinse thoroughly with clean water.

                (4)将清洗后预处理网自然风ξ 干。

                (4) the pretreatment net will be dried naturally.


                (5) put the drying pretreatment net back to the oil fume separator according to the original position


                2. electric field cleaning:


                (1) cut off the power supply, open the overhaul door and take out the electric field.


                (2) the cleaning piece (plastic sheet) is placed in the middle of the electrode plate, and the electrode plate is moved up and down, so that most of the oil on the electrode plate can be cleaned out. Once cleaning is not clean, it can be cleaned several times.


                (3) clean and scrape the oil, clean it with water.


                (4) the cleaned electric field will naturally dry (if there is still a small amount of oil pollution, it will not affect the filtration effect of the product).


                (5) put the dry electric field back to the oil smoke separator according to the original position, and then turn off the door to work again.

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